Moderate to Severe Black Mold Health Risks

Published: 17th May 2011
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Black mold is a serious problem for any home owner. It is one of the most dangerous types of mold, which has various health effects on humans. It is highly poisonous and harmful for humans, so early detection and removal of this mold is essential.

Mold is a common problem and can be found in many homes. It grows in damp and humid places and can spread quite rapidly. Left undetected, it can spread in many areas of the house, which can make it unsafe for the residents.

Black mold can have various kinds of health effects on humans. In the initial stages, it can trigger off allergic reactions and digestion problems in the residents. Many people complain of stomach cramps, diarrhea and vomiting if they come in close contact to this mold. It can also cause dizziness and nausea in many people.

One of the major health effects of mold is on the respiratory system. Mold is extremely harmful for people who have problems such as asthma and bronchitis, because it can further exacerbate these health issues. Mold is usually spread through mold spores, so if someone with asthma inhales these spores, it can cause a severe asthma attack. These spores can also enter the body and grow inside the lungs, which can lead to many respiratory problems.

Allergic reactions are very common when it comes to the effects of mold. These can be in different forms such as skin reactions, breathing problems or flu like symptoms. Most people can experience watery eyes, coughing and sneezing if they live in homes that are infected with mold growth. Mold is especially dangerous for people who already have some type of allergies, as it can make the problem much worse. It can also have a bad effect on the skin, especially for people who have skin allergies such as eczema and psoriasis.

In some cases, black mold can lead to severe health effects for humans. If the exposure is prolonged or intense, it can cause mold to grow inside the body and cover the entire organs. This can then affect the performance of these organs and even lead to organ failure. Vascular damage is also one of the severe health effects of mold.

Therefore, mold can be extremely dangerous for humans and it is not something that should be ignored. It is important to keep an eye out for the symptoms of mold growth, so that your home can be a safe and healthy place for your family.

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